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A Review of Dab's Cafe

It’s not much to look at (it still looks like it did 30 years ago), but behind the wall there’s lots of good food cooking. Each day features different sides and a different entree, with fried chicken and fried pork chops as choices on a daily basis.

We came on a Thursday and tried all the entrees they had: baked chicken, fried chicken, fried pork chops, cubed steak and fried fish. Our meals included the entree, two sides, bread, a drink and peach cobbler, all for just $7.69.

They were out of banana pudding the day we came, but I’m betting it would be worth a call to make sure they have it the day you visit.

Our Thursday sides included butter beans, mac and cheese and string beans. On Monday, you can choose from dressing, collards and potato salad; Tuesday is turnips and steamed rice along with string beans; and Wednesday has steamed cabbage and mashed potatoes. Mac and cheese is every day except Monday. Friday adds candied yams and field peas.

Our orders didn’t come quick, but that’s because the fish and wings are fried only when ordered. Wing prices range from $3.59 for five wings up to $35.90 for 50 wings. Ours got mixed reviews, but I appreciated the sweet and slightly spicy sauce and the non-greasy texture of the wings themselves.

Dab’s Cafe offers several other options for entrees -- apart from the meat and two sides -- like a hickory smoked chopped pork sandwich for only $3.74 and a Philly sandwich for $6.64. We didn’t know about these unposted options until after our visit, so I recommend emailing Dab herself at dab s­­ to get a copy of the full menu.

The prices can’t be beat and the food is good for the price. Miss Dab aims to please and has a degree in food and nutrition, so she knows what’s she’s doing.

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